Banc de Sang

To guarantee a ready supply of blood components for all of Catalonia, the Banc de Sang i Teixits (Blood and Tissue Bank) implements a system of whole blood process control, from the initial moment of donation to the final step, transfusion. This is what is known as a "vein-to-vein" approach.

Including transfusion in our service is a groundbreaking concept without parallel in any other European blood bank.

Our solid presence in the region, thanks to a network of centres located at Catalonia's leading hospitals, allows us to work closely with and be accessible to donors, doctors and treatment centres.

This structure makes it possible to organise donation drives, distribute products and provide services more effectively and efficiently.


Giving blood is a civic-minded act of solidarity that benefits society as a whole. Find out where you can give blood by visiting this link:


Blood transfusion is a course of treatment administered to patients who, at a given moment in time, suffer from a shortage of blood components for which there are no other substitutes.


Requesting products online makes it easier for us to process orders and improves the quality of our service.