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The cell and advanced therapy service (STCA) is made up of healthcare professionals who are responsible for developing therapeutic cells for transplantation, cancer immunotherapy and regenerative medicine, and who ensure that donors and their donations can be safely and effectively used for a myriad of patients in need.

Annually we participate in more than 500 bone marrow transplants and more than 100 CAR-Ts for cancer immunotherapy, and we produce biological and advanced therapy drugs to treat around 100 patients with infections, inflammation or ulcers. In addition, up to 100 volunteer donors provide cells for different therapeutic uses.


Many patients rely on volunteer donors to provide therapeutic cells, such as blood stem cells and lymphocytes. At the STCA we manage the Cord Blood Bank, the REDMO donor centre and the Immune Response Bank, with donations to treat infections, inflammation or cancer. These donations are used either directly as starting material for making medicines or for research through the BST's Biobank.

The banks are authorised by the Ministry of Health. We have quality certifications such as NetCord-FACT and CAT, which endorse the quality of our procedures. The REDMO donor centre has more than 60,000 registered donors. The Barcelona Cord Blood Bank has 20,000 umbilical cord donors who have contributed to 2,000 transplants. The Immune Response Bank already has a specific donor registry (ReDoCel) and cell lines created to treat infections (T-Celbanc) or to develop CAR therapies (IPS-PANIA).



The STCA is structured around a central node with cell processing technology and units for the donation and application of therapeutic cells in hospitals. The hospital doctor asks us for the type of donation needed for his or her patient, and we prepare and supply it so that the life-saving therapy can be carried out.

Clinical services connect the donor with the patient. At the hospital's BST centre, the donation is made and transported to the processing and storage node. The processed product is returned to the hospital's BST centre for use by its staff and the healthcare staff of the transplantation and advanced therapies units.

The entire network and the Cell Therapy Laboratory are authorised by the Ministry of Health, and we have quality certifications such as JACIE, which guarantee the entire production chain. In addition, we support the incorporation of advanced therapies in the clinic with a cryogenic storage facility and a drug manufacturer authorised by both the Ministry of Health and the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS).



Automated cord blood hematopoietic progenitor cell processing and cryopreservation 

Hematopoietic cell infusion 

Washing of apheresis or bone marrow hematopoietic cells 

Thawing of cryopreserved hematopoietic cells 

Provision of cryopreserved hematopoietic cells 

Provision of fresh hematopoietic cells 

Cryostorage of hematopoietic cells 

Hematopoietic cell cryopreservation 

CD34 positive selection pr. (+/- large scale) 

Collection of the leukocyte layer (buffy coat) in bone marrow 

Plasma reduction of hematopoietic cells 

Receipt and control of hematopoietic cells 

Lymphocyte apheresis 

Hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) collection by apheresis with controls


· Medical director of the STCA: Dr. Sergio Querol, 673 05 96 76 (squerol(ELIMINAR)

· Technical secretary: 93 557 35 05 (bcb(ELIMINAR)

· Medical consultations: 667 46 51 91 (jfernandez(ELIMINAR); 677 38 74 33 (ncflores(ELIMINAR)

· Laboratory emergency telephone number: 673 05 96 76

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