The Banc de Sang i Teixits (Blood and Tissue Bank, BST) regards research as a strategic activity for providing services of the highest quality and safety, rapidly incorporating improvements in our field as they emerge, and working to devise new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.


We conduct independent research projects and work on others in cooperation with every centre pertaining to the Catalan Health Institute, with the majority of centres in the Network of Public-Access Hospitals and with Catalan universities, and we also pursue strategic alliances with research centres around the world.

We have developed a new R&D Strategic Plan for 2017-2020. Download it in here (PDF).

At present, we are involved in 62 research and innovation projects at the BST. Within our organisation, 66 people dedicate part of their time to research.

Funded projects

  • "A prospective, open-label, Intrathecal injection single-dose, phase I/IIa pilot study to assess the safety and to obtain preliminary efficacy results of allogenic stem cells from umbilical cord transplantation in patients with complete chronic traumatic spinal cord injury" is funded by La Marató de TV3 Foundation. File: 122831.
  • " Prophylactic infusion of donor lymphocites in cord blood transplantation" is funded by La Marató de TV3 Foundation. File:  20133230
  • "Development and implementation of new molecular massive analysis tools for global approach to diagnosis and research of congenital coagulopathies" is funded by Institute of Health Carlos III. File: PI15/01643
  • "ADVANCECAT: Accelerator for the development of advanced therapies in Catalonia". Main objective: To promote technological development, innovation and quality research. This project is co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). File: COMRDI15-1-0013. This project aims to organize a Catalan network of centers involved in advanced therapies in order to innovate and advance as quickly as possible from the idea to the clinical application and / or the industrial production of this new type of therapies
  • "Euro-GTP II- Good Practices for demonstrating safety and quality through recipient follow-up". Aims to develop the good practices and methods needed for the correct evaluation of the clinical efficacy of the therapies with tissues and cells of human origin, thus allowing to demonstrate their quality and safety in patients receiving these products. BST will coordinate this project funded by the European Commission's 3rd Health Program (709567 -HP-PJ-2015) over the next 3 years, with the participation of 14 organizations from 11 European countries representing other tissue banks, competent authorities, research and application units of international level reference.
  • The Project FACTOCEL: Expansion of the facilities of a cellular medicines factory for regenerative medicine with file number PLE2009-0092 has been funded with the national program of internationalization of R&D, subprogram of promotion of international scientific cooperation (FCCI) PLAN -E, TYPE: STEM CEL INFRA
  • "The Spanish cell therapy network, TERCEL Network". This network is funded by Institute of Health Carlos III and co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). File: RD12/0019/0015
  • "Course: The role of eye banks in the corneal self-sufficiency program in Spain. Module 2". Activity funded by the Spanish Ministry Health Social Service & Equality
  • "DoHeCa: Donor Health Care". This project is funded by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union. File: 538986-LLP-1-2013-1-ERASMUS-EQR


Scientific output

A total of 28 articles by BST researchers were published in scientific journals in 2016, with an impact factor of 105.The number of publications in the first quartile has doubled over the previous year.


The BST has been awarded six patents, one in USA, two by the European Patent Office, two in Mexico, one in Colombia and one pending in India.